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I saw 10 minutes of this movie on cable one time before I headed out to pizza. I came back afterwards and downloaded it. 3 years later I finally watched it. What the hell took me so long!?!? Great movie here.

Watching it right now. John Singleton’s best movie since Boyz ‘N’ The Hood. PERIOD.

i was waiting for my friend kyle to drop something i actually liked, but wow i’m verrrrrrrry impressed with this!


When a man is trying to win the heart of a woman, he studies her, but after he wins her heart and marries her. He often stops learning about her. If the amount he studied her before marriage was equal to a high school. He should continue to learn about her until he gains a college degree, a master’s degree and ultimately a doctorate degree. It is a lifelong journey that draws his heart ever closer to her - Fireproof (2008)

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yes adventure time. explain colonialism and racial imperialism to children and high niggas.

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The punishment that brought us peace was on Him - Isaiah 53:5

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The King will reply: Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.Matthew 25:40

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Sgt. Thomas McVicar of the Jersey City Police Department shot 22 year old Kwadir Felton, leaving him blind, after Kwadir pulled a gun on him, he claims. Kwadir Felton denied the accusation, stating that he doesn’t even carry guns.

"I don’t understand!" Felton yelled at a police officer before his mother was removed from the courtroom. "You didn’t have to shoot me in the head for no reason! You trying to charge me with something I didn’t do!"

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This broke my fucking heart.

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"if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands"
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Autum Ashante was accepted into the University of Connecticut at age 13.
Stephen R. Stafford II entered Morehouse College at the age 11 with three majors. 
Tony Hansberry II at age 14 developed a time reducing method for hysterectomies at Shands Hospital 
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Black excellence

Anonymous said: the show with the guns and sexy people is teen wolf. the hotties in the gif are only starting their relationship this season if that's what you're looking for

Thank you random citizen!


what show is this, NOW!, yes you! you that’s reading this!

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